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Break-in [May. 4th, 2007|11:47 am]
Bike Boy
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Last night was really weird.  Lauren, Amy and I were over at my neighbor's house having some quality time on their patio, which is really cool, because it's actually a fenced-in bit of roof.  They had busted out a couple bottles of cheap wine for the occasion!  I was smoking a cigarette and looking over at my house, all the lights off to conserve energy, and I noticed something moving in the shadows on our back patio.  I wasn't really sure what it was, because we do get some homeless folks coming around and looking for recyclables, so I really didn't think anything of it.  Then I heard the door open.

I knew something was wrong - Brendan was at work, Alex was visiting her family back home, Irene was over at her boyfriend's house, and Amy was on the patio with us.  Moreover, if someone was coming home early, they'd at least light a candle in the kitchen.  I shot Amy a look, like maybe we should go check this out.  I know I was a little bit tipsy and I think that Amy was a little more far-gone than I was.  My neighbor Andy said he'd come with me, and he took an empty wine bottle.  I wasn't sure what we'd find, but I was pretty glad Andy was coming with me.

We decided to go in loud and see if we could startle whoever was in there.  I even turned on the living room light to make sure everything was well-lit and we could see everything.  Nobody in the front of the house.  Andy went into the kitchen first, turned on the light, and gave a shout!  When I looked, there was some guy in our fridge, just eating out of it.

Now, I realize food is hard to come by, but really?  We're barely scraping by as it is.  Turns out the guy's apartment building turned out a bunch of its tenants because they simply couldn't make rent.  His name is Tim and Andy invited him over.  I was mad he ate one of the oranges I had bought as a surprise for Lauren, but he turned out to be an all right guy.  I told him that if he ever needs food, he can come by and we can work out a deal.  There's always a couch to sleep on, too.

Maybe it's naive of me, but I really want to trust people's good intentions.